February 2017 ENews Thank You Notes

February 2017 ENews Thank You Notes

We received the following thank you notes:

I just want to thank you for the fruit basket, and also enjoyed hearing the carolers. I am so blessed to have you as my church family.
Jane Zongker
Dear Crestview Family,
We are so thankful for the many ways the Lord has encouraged and ministered to us through your lives. Thank you all so much! Merry Christmas!
David and Julie Stickel
Dear Church Family,
Would like to thank each and everyone for the beautiful fruit basket that was given to me. Thank you.
Blessings and Love,
Jo Murphy
Dear Crestview,
Thank you for the fruit basket given to our family. Our hearts are blessed by the continual love you all show.
Much love,
the Gaedderts


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