COVID-19 Update for 3/16 Weekly Events

COVID-19 Update for 3/16 Weekly Events

Monday, March 16, 2020

Update for Midweek Activities at Crestview

I hope you’re all doing well as we continue to monitor the progress of COVID-19, submit to governing authorities, and navigate what this looks like at the local level for us.

I wanted to communicate about the wrap of Women’s Bible Study, scheduled for 3/17 and 3/18.  One of these gatherings is tomorrow morning at 9 AM and includes children coming.  I believe we are aware of who’s attending and will be ok with those attending.  We can pursue social distancing as we meet in the room, spread out, and wrap this.  We will also meet at the regularly scheduled evening time and use these same practices. If you’re uncomfortable with this at all, you can go online to watch the final video: Session 10.  Our Wednesday Bible Study group will not meet. You can listen to the session online with the link above or the DVD will be made available.

There will be NO CrestviewKids/Students going forward in the short term, so no formal Wednesday activities. 

We had scheduled a Men’s Ensemble practice Wednesdays (beginning this week) at 7:30 PM. We still plan on having this group meet, again as they wash hands and practice social distancing in their time together. 

Finally, MOPS for 3/27 will not be meeting.

We will update you further on the weekend of March 22 as it draws closer.

Don’t forget you can access content from last weekend and give online through  If you have any needs, email, an elder, or a deacon.   

I love you and continue to long for the day when we can see each other and fellowship again.


Phil Auxier


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