Kevin Evenson

Kevin’s married to Carolyn and their children are grown.  Kevin used his years of expertise in lean manufacturing to purchase a mattress company, which he currently owns.  He and Carolyn serve international students and love their upper Midwest heritage.

Dale Wilson

Dale’s married to Diana with their grown sons living in Kansas City.  Dale and Diana work in a local public school.  Dale grew up in Iowa and loves getting back to see sports there.

Mike Penner

Mike is married to Sara and they have 4 young children.  Mike works in the chemistry division of a local chemical plant.   He loves helping people get connected at Crestview and serves in many ways.

Caleb Gaeddert

Caleb is single and teaches at Elyria Christian School.  He loves serving children and the family at Crestview.

Justin Lalicker

Justin is married to Amber and they have two young children. After serving for many years in management, he currently oversees purchasing for a chemical manufacturer. Justin loves sports and camaraderie with other men and serves in…