Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School is held on Sundays at 9:00 AM.  We have classes for babies up through adults.

Our Children (Babies through 6th Grade) study the Truth:78 curriculum.  In the nursery, we try to give the babies and toddlers A Sure Foundation with some basic truth about God.  In Preschool, we work through He Established A Testimony (OT) and He Has Spoken By His Son (NT) to center them on the big storyline of the Bible.  Our Children (K -1st Grade) are currently studying Jesus, What A Savior! which helps children see the plan of redemption and  (2nd – 6th Grade) are studying In The Beginning…Jesus teaching how the Bible’s story of salvation centers in Jesus.  These studies give our children a firm foundation for their future lives.

Our students are working through YM360’s curriculum, The Life, which helps equip them with how to live as disciples of Jesus.

Our adult class is beginning a study on the book Gentle and Lowly in the Fall of 2021. 

We try to utilize this time to point people to God’s Word and deepen their love for Him through the study of it.  Here’s our Sunday School Map (Sunday School Map_Fall2021), which reflects the current classes and where they’re located in the building.